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My name is Noah—and I’m the owner of Cherrybomb!

I’m 24 and just graduated college. I was born and raised in Covington. I found my passion for coffee when I was 18—that was when I first experienced craft coffee, and I set out to make craft coffee more accessible.

I was a freshman at Southeastern when I decided to build my first coffee cart. Not long after that, I began experimenting with roasting beans in my parent's garage—it was my goal to achieve a truly authentic cup of coffee, and make that more available for other people to enjoy.

My team and I have been catering hundreds of private events every year with our coffee carts all around southeast Louisiana, and have two shops in Madisonville and Mandeville. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and I’m so thankful for all your support!

Hope to see you at the shop one day—come sip on some ‘spro with me.



event manager & sales

Since the early days in 2019, John has been slingin 'spro with me.  We started making music together in 2018, and then the rest was history as we became close friends.

John has executed hundreds of events and has helped Cherrybomb grow from a singular cart in my parent's garage into what it is today.

One of his most incredible feats is setting up 2 coffee carts in less 20 minutes--what a beast!

When John isn't emailing clients or pouring 5-stack tulips, you can catch him on various film sets doing back flips and crazy stunts.


operations manager

Collin and I have been close friends since high school and used to be on the drum line together.

We both started working in the coffee industry around the same time and I couldn't wait to bring him on the team.

Collin handles the crazy logistics of catering 5 events in one day--ensuring our event baristas are packed up and ready to serve up excitement to our clients.  He also happens to be good at unintentionally rizzing up guests at events with his soft smile.

When Collin isn't packing carts into Barry (our cargo van) you'll find him tearing it up on the courts shooting some hoops.


inventory manager

Shortly after I opened my first shop in Mandeville in 2021, Emily stumbled into the shop--let's just say, every crazy coffee shop needs an Emily!

She is the glue that holds us together, and keeps our inventory stocked so we can keep serving up excitement and excellence to our customers with no worries of running out.

When Emily isn't slaying the drive thru or ordering massive amounts of oat milk on the AMEX, you'll find her hustling with her stained glass business.


barista trainer

Caleb is my younger brother, and it's hard to find someone who embodies the culture of Cherrybomb more than him. The passion he brings to my lil coffee biz means the world to me.


Day-in and day-out, Caleb serves up excitement and never ceases to serve our customers with a pep in his step.  Along with that, he trains up our new team members to sling drinks to our standard.

When you don't see Caleb crushing it behind the bar, you'll find him drawing up illustrations for his art business.

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