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Hey there!


My name is Noah—and I’m the owner of Cherrybomb!

I’m 24 and just graduated college. I was born and raised in Covington. I found my passion for coffee when I was 18—that was when I first experienced craft coffee, and I set out to make craft coffee more accessible.

I was a freshman at Southeastern when I decided to build my first coffee cart. Not long after that, I began experimenting with roasting beans in my parent's garage—it was my goal to achieve a truly authentic cup of coffee, and make that more available for other people to enjoy.

My team and I now cater private events with our coffee carts all around southeast Louisiana, and have two shops in Madisonville and Mandeville. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and I’m so thankful for all your support!

Hope to see you at the shop one day—come sip on some ‘spro with me.

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