This peruvian coffee from the Santo Domingo region exhibits a heavy body, full of dense cocoa and walnut notes, with subtle currant.  Truly a beautiful coffee, this Peruvian offering hits at home everytime we brew it.  200g per bag, roasted to order!


These beans were grown in the de la Capilla region of Santo Domingo, with perfect growing conditions, and elevations near 2,000 meters.  The farmers had traditionally been growing yonke (sugarcane) for several years, but they recently started growing coffee beans with their experience in heirloom plants.  Doing this has been very profitable for them, especially through Volcafe Way--who works relentlessly to help farmers become more sustainable.


The microclimate of la Capilla offers more abundant precipitation than nearby regions in santo domingo, directly influencing the smooth flavor profile of this coffee. Producers of this coffee are a handful of various small holders.


Process: washed

Altitude: 1550-1900m

Varietals: caturra, bourbon, typica, pache, catimor


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